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We need you! Without the help of the hundreds of musicians who upload their MIDI files we wouldn't be here. 🙏

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Share your MIDI files with your fellow producers, upload them here ❤

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Beatport Importer

Your browser doesn't support javaScript, so the beatport-importer doesn't work for you. But nothing to worry, just fill in the form below!
To quickly complete the form we recommend using the beatport importer. Just copy/paste the beatport track URL and click import to auto-complete the MIDI upload form. You can still edit all fields before submitting. Track not on beatport? Just fill in the form below!.
Just a moment, we're checking beatport for you...
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MIDI Upload

When you're done, hit the "Upload MIDI" button and your MIDI will be uploaded! Remember that all MIDI files are checked prior to being published on Nonstop2k. If you like making MIDI files and would like to earn money by making premium MIDI files for us, get in touch!

Terms for uploading

By uploading or sending MIDI files to Nonstop2k.com, through this form, via email, via the forum or any other way, you agree to give us a non-exclusive right to distribute and publish these MIDI files.

If you have given Nonstop2k your consent to publish a MIDI as a premium MIDI, for example, but not limited too, by checking the "Premium preference" checkbox, the MIDI becomes exclusive Nonstop2k content and may not be distributed or published via any other channel.

After we have received your MIDI, Nonstop2k reserves the right to alter or reject your MIDI or the information provided for this MIDI.

Nonstop2k does not remove any MIDI files from the website unless you are the copyright holder (ie, the original artist or the record label). This means that you cannot request to remove a MIDI you have made if it is not your own track.

By clicking the "Upload MIDI" button you state that:

  1. The MIDI file you upload is made by yourself (uploading MIDI files made by someone else is not allowed).
  2. The MIDI file is your own MIDI transcription of an existing track, or your own work.
  3. The length of your MIDI is not shorter than 6 seconds.
  4. You made sure your MIDI is on key and contains as much correct notes as possible.
  5. Your MIDI contains at least the notes of the melody and bass, or the chords.
  6. You understand these terms and agree to the terms as such.
By clicking the "Upload MIDI" button you agree to the
terms of service(+)
for uploading MIDI files to Nonstop2k.
Got questions?


How do I get my MIDI on your website?

1. Fill in the MIDI upload form above (or use our beatport importer), select your MIDI file and hit the "Upload MIDI" button.
2. Your file is sent to the admins for validation, this usually takes about 7 days (sometimes a bit longer).
3. If approved your MIDI will be scheduled for publishing and soon be available on the site :)

Do I have to use the beatport importer?

Nope, but if the original song is on beatport we recommend you do. It saves you work and avoids errors, which in turn saves us work too!

I get the message: "Sorry, we cant read this beatport URL due to territory restrictions."

If you have used a valid beatport URL, but we still can't read it either beatport is down for maintenance, or the track page has territory restrications. This means that people from some countries are not able to visit this page. Because our server is based in The Netherlands, we can't import this page if this page isn't available to The Netherlands. You could try a different track page if there is one or fill in the data manually.

Why doesn't my file show up on the site?

All MIDI files need to be validated by an admin before they are approved. We download the MIDI, check if it works and if the data that is filled in is correct. Usually it means we haven't updated yet and you'll have to wait a little longer.

You have updated and my file still isn't there

This means your MIDI was rejected, unfortunately we can't tell you why this is, but it could be one of the following reasons:
- The file upload was errornous and we have a 0kb file that doesn't play. If you are sure you're MIDI is according to the standards just upload it again!
- The MIDI is off key or has wrong timing (remember that small mistakes are unavoidable, but for big notable mistakes we will reject a MIDI file).
- The MIDI is not in compliance with the terms (ie, not made by yourself, too short, your own track, too few notes).

How long does validation take?

We update about once a week. If approved your MIDI will be scheduled for publishing which may take up to 1 week, but it's usually faster.

My question is not in this list...

Ask it at the forum or contact us!