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Get your one month premium membership and get access to 50 Nonstop2k exclusive premium MIDI files. No longer worry about download limits for regular MIDI files too! Plus you will be able to sort the archive on song keys, useful for making your mash-ups. Make sure you have a Nonstop2k user account prior to your purchase. You can register here if you don’t have one yet.

Terms and conditions apply.
– You will need to be a registered member of before you can become a premium member.
– A premium membership give you 50 premium downloads per (premium) month.
Only unique downloads are counted in this period. This means you can download the same MIDI multiple times, but only as long as you have not reached the download limit. In the next premium month downloading a MIDI you have already downloaded does count for another download.
– Premium months start on the moment you buy your premium and last until the same date the next month.
– You can find the start date of the current and next premium months on your Profile page.
– A premium membership gives you unlimited regular MIDI downloads per day.
– The fee is one off (ie 1 month or 3 months or 1 year) and is non-reoccurring.
– We may contact you once your premium membership is about to end.
– The membership fee is non refundable.
– The MIDI files are the same as you can download as a regular member or guest. That generally means no full versions, although some files are full. This is indicated on the download page.
– MIDI files downloaded from Nonstop2k are only for your personal use.
– Publishing MIDI files from Nonstop2k in any other form is prohibited and may result in your account being closed.


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