Post your own tracks or work in progress files for others to review.
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This section contains links of audio tracks by the Nonstop2k community. Members can review and give their constructive feedback. This forum is for amateur/hobbyist material such as; Original Music, Unfinished Song Ideas, or maybe, Sounds and Audio Experiments. We hope that by receiving other's opinions you can further your production skills, or simply expand your views.

- Don't start new topics for the same track when you have updated something, use your initial topic.
- Don't just post a link or embed a soundcloud track, include some other information in your post. Topics that only have a link or a souncloud embed are considered spam and will be deleted.
- No URLs (weblinks) in your topic title.
- Post direct download links to your own web server. Or upload to a FREE server such as "", "", or other web hosts. Posting a myspace link (or other profile sites) usually doesn't get you any feedback.

This is not free advertisement space for your website or for any of your products. Of course you can say that your track is available on whatever download site or released on whatever label when you start the topic, but obvious SPAM is prohibited. If you are offering sample/patch packs you can make people aware of those when they ask for it, but again shameless SPAM is prohibited - so we recommend not to start a topic only to sell your goods. This section is to get feedback on your music.
It's up to the mods and admins to decide if a topic or post is considered spam or not. The longer you are a member and the more active you are could influence this decision.

Some members post their track and then don't bother checking out anyone elses. If you ever wonder why you recieve no feedback, this may be why. So be involved in the review process and most of all, expand your horizons and have fun!


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