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A few tips to get started ...

by Ameyah on Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:05 am

ive collected a few tips which might could ppl help to get started with production.

1. do never tweak an element(kickdrum, hats, bassline or leads, etc) in solo. it will never work in the mix. for example: u have a very big supersaw lead - sounds awsome in solo mode and then u wanna put a pad with a lot of high energy. this will always sound lost.

2. sort ur samples into groups that u not get overwhelmed with the amount some sample manufacture offer (a good example is vengeance how to sort it.)

3. make a lot of remakes/ recreations (sound design and melodically) take a track u like and get started - thats the best training in my opinion.

4. never give up, just start over again when u try to get for example a lead done. i know that is sometimes frustrating. it also depends a lot on the mood.

5. try different genres - never get caged. sometimes u need to make a fusion: between a classically approach and method u learned from somehwere - dont be afraid - nobody will kill u for that.

6. dont spam other peoples facebook posts or posts from famous people - it will not help u. its just a bad image.
when people like ur stuff uve done they will come alone.

7. when u feel u get nothing done atm - take a break with some classically music for example(classically music get the brain a rest easily cos of the harmonies) or do something else like go outside ur how and listen to the birds.
dont continue working on a track when nothing works - ull never feel happy with the result.

8. a little bit music theory helps. just learn some basic major and minor chords - the variations ull play on the fly when u think they suit. also some scales are important. depends on the music genre u do - BUT very basic are minor and major scale
(the is something like a circle u can find on wikipedia) besides wikipedia has all what u need.
and most of the times musically training videos are not that worth the time u watch them - ive tried a lot fo them and never learned something. i learned more while i was playing just random free style on my keyboard or piano(glad my university has one :D)

9. dont see things to complicated like a structure of a track - just take a track u like and start carefully listen to it. ull see the artists have a logically easy buildup. taking notes sometimes help.

10. try to record some random noise from your enviroment for example from your open window in your room. later u can compress it and LP it and use it to fill our track subtle.
thats something what Deadmau5 has done a lot of the roof of his house.

11. ahh and this one :D when u mastered one daw or synths u can basically master all daw better and faster.
(for synths sometimes depends if the synth is in the same group)
for example sylenth1 and massive just work great together.

12. Social Networking! when u social network ur music get easily and faster heard - this is not interfering with nr. 6 - social networking means - talk a lot with other producers in forums like that one. make friends on facebook or google+.
ask people on youtube. sometimes u could also meet A&R of labels. and this helps in the end to move faster on.

13. test as much plugins u can - check my list here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=8386 to find the ones u like

14. learn basics like compression, EQing or even limit - what does this FX to the sounds in detail.

15. the same goes for subtractive synthesis, Frequenz Modulation - how does an easy Virtual analogue synths work?!

ok thats for the moment ... when i have more ill post them ...

good night,

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Re: A few tips to get started ...

by Discordia on Wed Jul 03, 2013 10:38 pm

I think the best tip that anyone has given me is:

Don't be afraid of touching all the things in a synth! just put your hands on it! touch everything!!!!

Also a good way of achive your sound is to save all the presets that you tweak in a synth, that way you'll be constantly creating your own sound library.
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Re: A few tips to get started ...

by grubikonjarnik on Thu Jul 04, 2013 3:37 pm

This is great post man!I agree with everything here but most with the 5.
Too much people just keep producing one thing,over and over again.It becomes boring and annoying,speaking from experience.They don't even want to try something else..they think if they keep trying just 1 thing,they'll get it right one time.Sure,this might work,but it's a lot of "pain".
I've been producing for almost 2 years now,even tho i had huge breaks,i'm talking about months.I never thought i'd be able to make sounds that i'm making atm.Of course i experimented with other genres.So people,experiment with every genres.It's a lot of fun but also quite learning experience.When it comes to making sounds,just tweak,do whatever you want.Now this may seem a bit stupid but,you will see what will happen later :)
Again,great post!
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