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Privacy Policy

How we handle your personal data

About this policy


This privacy policy gives a complete overview on how we handle your personal data when you use Nonstop2k. It explains which data we collect, how we collect it, what we do with it, who has access to it, how long we keep this data and what your rights are.

When we talk about ‘user account’, account’, ‘user name’, ‘member’ or ‘membership’, this refers to having a user account at Nonstop2k.

Wherever we talk about anonymizing your data this means we remove your personal data, such as email and IP address, but we keep a log of what happened. For instance when someone unsubscribes we will know that someone unsubscribed, but not who because we remove that e-mail address.

This privacy policy was last changed on May 26, 2019. We will notify you on our website when changes are made to this privacy policy. If you have any questions regarding your data and privacy please contact us.

How do we collect data?

The how

Information may be directly stored in our database or in a log file as a result from an action you took. For instance when you open a page on our website the server log stores the URL of the page and the IP address that browsed it. It may also be collected using cookies, which you can read about more in our cookie policy.

Which data do we collect and why?

The why

Data we collect when you use our website

When you use our website we collect general user data, such as your IP Address and time stamp of action, type of device, browser and other technical data. We also log which MIDI files are downloaded, which previews are listened to and what people search for.

We use this data to see how our website is used, what people search for, what content is popular, to detect or prevent abuse, to limit access, to prevent duplicate downloads of premium members, for debugging or to improve our website.

We keep server logs for no longer than 1 week, unless required to analyze suspicious activity. MIDI search history is anonymized after 1 year. Download history is anonymized after 1 year if you have an account and deleted for other users. If your account is removed the download history is deleted after 1 year as well. MIDI Preview play history is anonymized after 2 weeks. Failed login attempts are kept until successful login. Ratings and favorites are tied to your account. They become anonymous when your account is removed. MIDI reports or suggestions are kept until they are processed, which is generally within 1-2 weeks, but it may take longer in busy periods.

When suspicious activity is detected we could keep certain data for as long as required to prevent abuse.

Data we collect when you create an account

When you create an account at Nonstop2k we require a uniquely identifiable name (your user name) and a password. Both are of your own choosing. We also require a valid e-mail address and store the IP address. An account allows you to benefit from additional content and to use certain features, such as rating and adding MIDI files to your favorites, and gives you the opportunity to purchase premium access. Your email address will be used to identify you as the owner of the account. If your account has email notifications turned on, we will use it to email you notifications about your account, such as when your premium membership expires.

We keep this data for as long as your account is active and in use. When an account is not used for 2 years we will remove it and its data. Incomplete registrations are removed monthly.

In your account you may choose to save optional information, such as social media accounts. This will be available on your profile page and is solely for your own benefit or promotion of your music. Nonstop2k does not need this to function, nor we do we use it other than on your profile page. We keep it until you alter or delete it, or your account is removed. The data that can be saved is: your SoundCloud, snapchat, instagram or twitter account, website, occupation or interests.

Data we collect when you make a purchase in our shop

When you make a purchase in our shop we require the following information to complete the transaction: User name (if you order a premium membership), first name, last name, company name (optional), country, address, post/zip code, city, e-mail address and EU VAT number (required for EU businesses only). Your IP address is also logged.

The data will be saved to our database when you proceed to PayPal. If you do not complete your payment the data is removed after 1 month. If you complete the transaction Dutch tax administration requires us to keep this data for 7 years.

Data we collect when you upload a MIDI

When you upload a MIDI we collect the data you fill out in the MIDI upload form. For guests this will be anonymous, except for the general IP logging in the server logs. If you are logged into your user account when you upload a MIDI we will also store your user name. We use it to show you are the creator of a MIDI. Your user name is tied to the MIDI, when your account is removed we will keep your user name as creator.

Data we collect when you request a MIDI

When you request a MIDI via any MIDI request page your IP is logged. If you have a user account the ID for this account is logged as well. We use it so you can only request a MIDI once and to avoid abuse. You have the option to get a notification about your MIDI request. If you submit your email address here and choose the maximum notification period, this email address will be used to notify you about that particular request once: upon completion of the MIDI, or upon reaching the maximum notification period. After reaching the maximum notification period your email address, IP and user ID are removed for this request. It is possible to make several requests, email address and notification period are tied to the request itself. This means that if request A expires and the data is removed, you will still be notified about request B if you chose to receive a notification.

Data we collect when you post a comment or forum topic/reply

Currently there is no way to leave a comment on our website or to make a post in the forum. Forum posts posted in the past will not be removed unless they break our terms of service or forum rules. Each topic and its posts are seen as a journalistic, academic or artistic expression. Removal of a post disturbs the discussion and interferes with the freedom of expression. However when a user account is removed the author data is anonymized.

Data we collect when you subscribe to our newsletter

When you subscribe to our newsletter we collect your first name, e-mail address and IP address. If you are not logged into your account at Nonstop2k we require you to verify your e-mail address. We will use this data to send you our newsletter in which we inform you about new MIDI releases, information about our website or music production or product offers. You can unsubscribe for our newsletter at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each newsletter e-mail.

We keep this data for as long as your subscription is active. If you do not verify your e-mail address your subscription will not become active and we will remove your data after 1 month. When you unsubscribe we anonymize your data after one year. We also keep the log of unsubscribing and the log of your original consent for one year after unsubscribing.

Data we collect when you contact us

When you contact us via our website we collect the data you fill out in the form (name, e-mail address, reason for contacting and your message) and use it to answer your question. We also collect your IP address to detect abuse and prevent spam. Google reCAPTCHA is used to check if you are a human and not a robot, this keeps the spam away too. We analyze this data to understand why people are contacting us.

When you e-mail us directly we have the information that is in your e-mail and use that to reply.

We anonymize the data in our database after 1 year. E-mail conversations are removed after 1 year. If you are a MIDI maker we will keep our e-mail conversations for as long as you are part of the team.

Data collected by third parties

The Who Else

Some parts of our website require the use of third parties for it to function correctly. We will describe each of these below:

Google reCAPTCHA

We use Google reCAPTCHA on our registration and contact pages. When you open these pages in your browser the reCAPTCHA script will be loaded from a Google server. As a result Google will know your IP address. The script starts an analysis of your behavior on these pages. This data is sent to Google which in turn lets us know whether you are a human or a bot. We use reCAPTCHA to prevent bot registrations and to prevent spam from our contact form. A cookie will be set when you tick he reCAPTCHA checkbox if you don't have this cookie yet. Google's privacy policy applies.

VIES Service

When you enter a VAT number on the checkout page we will make a call to the VIES service of the European Union. We use this service to check if the VAT number you entered is valid, which helps us to create our invoices according to the law. Entering a VAT number is subject to the privacy policy of the EU.


To deliver an audio preview of our premium MIDI files we have embedded the SoundCloud player on every premium MIDI page. With the SoundCloud player you can listen to the MIDI before you decide to become a premium member. It helps to give the user an understanding of content they can expect. The player is loaded from the SoundCloud servers and SoundCloud will get to know your IP address. The player also places a cookie. SoundCloud's privacy policy applies. The player can be disabled on the cookie page.


On every MIDI download page we show a Facebook Page plugin. It allows you to interact with our Facebook page and community. It doesn’t place any cookies, but Facebook will know that your IP requests this feature. You may disable the Page plugin on the cookie page.

Who has access to your data?

The who

We only give your data to a third party when it is necessary to fulfill a contract or when we are required by law. Some third parties handle your data for us, for instance our webhost. When this is the case we have a Data Processing Amendment. We never sell your data to anyone.

Parties that help us to fulfill a contract


We use PayPal to handle our payments. When you place an order in our shop and make your payment through PayPal, we will give them the necessary information about your order that is required to complete the purchase. This happens when you click the proceed to PayPal button, once you do you will go to PayPal’s website. Their site and all PayPal transactions are subject to PayPal's Privacy Policy.

Parties with a Data Processing Agreement

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to understand how our visitors use our website. For instance we'd like to know where visitors come from, how long they stay and which pages have the most visits. This is done through cookies and completely anonymous: the last few numbers of your IP address are masked. The data we collect, process, and store using Google Analytics is secure and kept confidential. We use the data to make improvements to the site, to find errors and help us fix them or to create a better user experience. We have configured Google Analytics to not share data with Google products & services, to not share data for benchmarking, nor to share data with technical support or account specialists. We have also disabled Data Collection for Advertising Features. We do not share this data with any third party. Google's privacy policy applies.

You may choose to opt out for Google analytics on all websites. To do so you can use a browser addon by Google.


Vimexx is our webhost and makes sure you can reach Nonstop2k. Our data is stored on their servers and they are responsible for keeping the servers secure. There is a Non Disclosure Clause in our contract and they are bound not to share our data with others, unless required by law.

Lawful basis for data collection

The law

Our data collection is based on three lawful bases for processing. When you order in our store this is contract. We need your data to complete your purchase and send you an invoice.

The lawful basis when you subscribe to our newsletter is consent. By subscribing you give us permission to use the data you submit.

In all other cases we have a legitimate interest. The details for this are described in the previous paragraphs for specific situations in which data collection occurs.

Where do we store your data?

The Where

Your data is stored in several databases which are hosted on our webserver in the European Union. We periodically create encrypted backups of our data bases. Our Google Analytics data is stored on Google’s servers, which may be located in another country then where you are from. Google complies with certain legal frameworks relating to the transfer of data, such as the EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield Frameworks, ensuring the equivalent level of protection with EU law.

What are your rights?

The Rights

You are in charge of your data. Therefore you may ask us for an overview or a copy of your information. You may also ask us to correct or delete your personal data. Where we have asked for your consent to process your data you may withdraw this at any time.

There are two exceptions where you can't make use of these rights:

  1. 1) Any forum posts or comments you have made are exempt because they are forms of ‘journalistic, academic, artistic or literary expressions’. As such they are kept to keep the integrity of the discussions and the freedom of expression intact.
  2. 2) Where we are required by law to keep your data it is not possible for us to delete this. This is the case for data related to our transactions.

If you wish to make use of any of these rights please contact us. To be sure it is really you we will ask you to verify your identity. We also do this if you use a third party service.

Questions or complaints?

The Question

For questions or complaints about the way we handle your data you can contact us and select the privacy option. If you are not satisfied with how we deal with your personal data you can file a complaint at the Dutch Data Protection Authority or the authority in your own country.

Who is responsible for your data?

The Final Who

That's us: Nonstop2k. We are registered at the chamber of commerce of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Our registration number is: NL 66998344 and our VAT number is NL001102999B62.

The best way to contact us is via our contact page, but you can also e-mail us directly: info@nonstop2k.com.

Written letters may be sent to: Nonstop2k, Oude Binnenweg 63 A, 3012 JA, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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