Nonstop2k Premium Membership Plans

More and better MIDI files for you to use in the studio! A premium membership gives you access to premium MIDI files and unlimited regular downloads. You'll also be able to sort the MIDI archive on song key to find that awesome matching track for your mashup. Which membership plan suits you best?

Premium access in 4 easy steps

Just follow these 4 steps to get premium access!
Check the premium FAQ if you need more information.

  1. Add one of the three premium plans to your shopping cart.
  2. Proceed to checkout. If you are logged in with your Nonstop2k account, this account is filled in. Fill in the rest of the details too.
  3. Make your payment. You can use your Credit Card or PayPal account.*
  4. Return to the shop and your account will be be upgraded to premium! If you are not already logged in, login to Nonstop2k as a premium member!
* No PayPal or Credit Card? Email us for alternative payment methods.

About premium memberships

Need some more info? Check the premium FAQ below.

How does the process work?

1. Add the one month, three months or one year option to your shopping cart.
2. Go to the checkout. If you are logged in with your Nonstop2k account, this account is filled in. If you want to get premium for another account, fill in that username. Fill in the rest of the details too.
3. Make your payment.
4. On successful payment you will be redirected from PayPal to our shop. On returning to the shop the premium membership is activated immediately. If you are not already logged in, login to Nonstop2k as a premium member!
5. You will receive an email with your order details, including the user account. Please check your spam or junk folder if you are not receiving any email from us.

Do I need a user account?

Yes, you will need an user account on Nonstop2k to become a premium member. If you don't have one yet, create one here before making your purchase. Please keep in mind that the user account for the shop is different from the one on the site.

How can I pay?

We use Paypal as our primary payment service provider, this means we currently accept paypal, credit-cards and some debit cards (depending on country).

If you have a bank account in a Euro country we may be able to accept direct bank transfers as well. Keep in mind that this process may take a bit longer and that you will need to contact us to get the job done.

How long does it take to become a premium member?

If you bought your premium in our shop, your membership will be active immediately after we have received your payment! For payments done with your Paypal balance or credit card this will mean it will be processed immediately. When you see your order confirmation the premium is added to your user account!

In some cases your payment through Paypal is being processed via your bank account. If this happens it may take 3-10 working days before the payment to Paypal clears. During this time your order will be on hold. Once the payment is cleared your order will automatically be processed and your membership starts!

When using a direct bank transfer in the Euro zone it may take anywhere from a few hours to several days, depending on the bank.

I've made my payment, but I still have limited downloads. What happened?

Be sure to check if you are logged in. You can login here. If that page brings you directly to the Nonstop2k homepage, you are logged in, else you will see a login screen. Still this message? Try a hard refresh on the page with that message (CTRL + F5).
Still this message? Check if you are logged in to the right account. Many users have multiple accounts. Your order confirmation email shows you for which account you have premium. Still no luck? Contact us!

Does my membership renew automatically?

None of our memberships auto renew, so say you have a 3 months membership then it will end exactly 3 months after your purchase and you will not be charged again. You can check the duration of the membership and when the next premium month starts in your account.

How can I extend my membership?

If you currently have a premium membership you can easily extend it by purchasing any of the 3 premium memberships we offer. The end date of your membership will automatically be updated. It doesn't matter which plan you currently have or which one you order. For example if you currently have a 3 months membership and decide to purchase a one year membership, the end date will be pushed forward by exactly one year.

Can I see how many downloads I have left?

Yes! On any premium MIDI download page it will show you how many downloads you will have left for this month. You can also see it in your account.

Can I see which premium MIDI's I have downloaded?

There is no overview which shows you all your downloads. On the premium download page however, you will see a notification above the download button if you have downloaded this MIDI before.

If I have downloaded a premium MIDI before, will it cost me another download if I download it again?

If you download it within the same premium month, then it will not cost you another download. If it was downloaded in a previous premium month, then it will cost you another download. You will see a notification above the download button in either case.

What is a premium month?

A premium month starts exactly on the moment of purchase. Every next month starts exactly on the same time, a month later. For example, you have made your one year premium membership purchase on June 5, 2017, 20:03. Your first premium month ends on July 5, 2017, 20:03 and the next one starts at July 5, 2017, 20:03. You can see this information in your account.

How do I know when my premium membership ends?

The end date of your premium membership can be found in your account.

What is the difference between regular MIDI and premium MIDI files?

On Nonstop2k we have two kinds of MIDI files: premium MIDI's and regular MIDI's. The biggest difference is that the premium MIDI's can only be downloaded by premium members. Regular MIDI files can be downloaded by everyone, but guests or regular members do have daily download limits. Regular MIDI's can be uploaded by everyone and have loose acceptance criteria. Premium MIDI's are usually made by our MIDI making team and have strict acceptance criteria. Therefor they are generally of better quality and often contain more instruments and cover larger parts of song compared to regular MIDI files.

What are the terms and condition for your premium memberships?

- You will need to be a registered member of before you can become a premium member.
- A premium membership gives you 50 premium downloads per (premium) month. Only unique downloads are counted in this period. This means you can download the same MIDI multiple times, but only as long as you have not reached the download limit. In the next premium month downloading a MIDI you have already downloaded does count for another download. - Premium months start on the moment you buy your premium and last until the same date the next month.
- You can find the start date of the current and next premium months on your account page.
- A premium membership gives you unlimited regular MIDI downloads per day.
- The fee is one off (ie 1 month or 3 months or 1 year) and is non-reoccurring.
- We may contact you once your premium membership is about to end.
- The membership fee is non refundable.
- The MIDI files are the same as you can download as a regular member or guest. That generally means no full versions, although some files are full. This is indicated on the download page.
- MIDI files downloaded from Nonstop2k are only for your personal use.
- Publishing MIDI files from Nonstop2k in any other form is prohibited and may result in your account being closed.

Help! My question isn't listed.

No worries, we'll gladly answer your questions :) Check our contact page and ask us your question!

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