Cascada - Love Again (Rob Mayth Remix)

Postby Harder on Sun Feb 04, 2007 10:52 pm

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Postby Harder on Sun Feb 04, 2007 10:59 pm

Tell me whats you need i can upload this midi file :

Ole Van Dansk - Shining Star(Single Version)
Midelf - Dance (Banana Inc Remix)
Bass-T - Power
Cascada - Ready For Love (Klubbingman Remix)
Barcera - Secret Of Love
Banana Inc Pres Clubpimps - Ragabeats
Antares - Ride On A Meteorite
N Trance - Forever
Rev-Players - Refit Your Mind
Olav basoski - A1 Waterman
Akcent - Phonesex
East Clubbers - Sextasy
Kalwi & Remi - Imagination
Virus Inc - Heaven Is A Place On Earth
Team X - Your Smile
Rob Mayth - Barbie Girl (Original Mix Melodie)
Rave Allstars - Oder Braucht Ihr Mehr (Melodie)
Mike Wind & Marc Korn - On My Way (Rocco vs. Bass-T Melodie)
Klubbingman - Magic Summe Night
Special D - Come With Me
Special D - Home Alone
Mario Lopez - Sound Of Nature (DF Bootleg Remix)
The 2 Jays - Heartquake
Driftwood - Freeloader
East Clubbers - Beat Is Coming
Trance United - Face 2 Face (Rocco vs Bass-T Remix)
DHT - Listen To Your Heart (Rob Mayth Remix)
Sven-R-G vs Bass-T - Flying High
Sven R-G vs Bass-T - Take My Hand
Pimp Code - We Are The Best (Rob Mayth Remix)
Penta P - Come With Me
Partycheckerz - Baby I Love Your Way (Rob Mayth Remix)
L&M Project - Crazy Beatz (Rob Mayth Remix)
Groove Coverage - 21st Century Digital Girl (Teenagerz Remix)
Dj Lee - Fight Hard (Deepforces Remix)
Clubgroovers Vs. S.A.D. - Warriors Of Love (Rob Mayth Remix)
Basshunter - Botten Anna
C-Bool - House Baby
Kalwi & Remi - Explosion
Sven R-G Vs Bass-T - Lost In Spain
Sumptuastic - Niebo bez Ciebie
Flashrider - Attenzione
Tune Up! - Ravers Fantasy
Tony Montana - Mamma Maria
MBrother - Trebles
Living On Video (FULL)
Deep Spirit - Lonely
Base Attack - Nobody Listen To Techno
Baracuda - *** Up
Vinylshakerz - One Night In Bangok
Scooter - Maria (I Like It Loud)
Safri Duo - Rise
United Beats - Por Que No
Rob Mayth - Can I Get A Witness
Lasgo - Something
Klubbingman - Revolution (Tune Up vs Cascada Remix)
Clubringer - Sound OF My Dream
Cascada - How Do You Do
Base Attack - Techno Rocker (Rob Mayth Remix)
Bangbros - Banging In The Dreamworld (Rave Allstars Remix)
Alex Megane vs Marc van Damme - Technodisco (Rob Mayth Remix)
Hardy Hard - Silver Surfer
Eric Prydz - Call on Me
Dj Aligator - Davaj Davaj
Creambase - Fiddle
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Postby Pululu on Sun Feb 04, 2007 11:01 pm

Like to hear Olav basoski - A1 Waterman please.

Thanks 8)
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Postby Pulstate on Sun Feb 04, 2007 11:04 pm

Call On Me, would be nice. :)
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Postby Harder on Sun Feb 04, 2007 11:09 pm

no problem

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Postby PhaniaX on Mon Feb 05, 2007 2:08 am

May I ask where all those midi's come from?
Did you make them yourself?
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Postby Harder on Mon Feb 05, 2007 2:13 am

no i can from my friend midi maker [;
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Postby Sam Cera on Mon Feb 05, 2007 2:23 am

Harder wrote:no i can from my friend midi maker [;

what's his name? cos i think he should get credit for making the midi files before they can added to the archive:)
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Postby Harder on Mon Feb 05, 2007 3:37 am

hes name is James . my friend from Poland :)

he doesn't have permission he's doing it at home..
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Postby Harder on Mon Feb 05, 2007 3:49 am



2 Elements - I can fly MIDI
2 Small Djs - I only wanna be with you MIDI
2 Strings - Take me away MIDI
2 Vibez - Move alone MIDI
4 Clubbers - Children MIDI
4 Clubbers - Children (2002 Remix) MIDI
666 - Supa duba fly MIDI
89ers - Higher Love MIDI

A-Nice - Orange split (Frank-E and Mars-L vs Charly Lownoise Remix) MIDI
Accuface - Your destination (Alex Megane Remix) MIDI
Alphazone - Revelation (Phalanx Remix) MIDI
ALX - Wake up (Full Song Midi) MIDI
Anders B - Noname MIDI
Andre Visor - Speed Up (Luvstruck) MIDI
Antares - Ride on a meteorite MIDI
Aso Mamiko - Drive me crazy MIDI
Asshunter - Jag ar basshunter MIDI
Atlantis - September 28th MIDI
Aquagen - Summer is calling MIDI

Backslash vs Dennis D - Dancing in the dark MIDI
Banana Inc - Monkey Island MIDI
Banana Inc pres. Clubpimps - Ragabeats MIDI
Bangbros - Rock it (Yeah yeah) MIDI
Barcera - Secret of love MIDI
Barcode Brothers - Flute MIDI
Bass Bros - Belive in it MIDI
Bass Cap - Time Flies MIDI
Bass Corp - Bounce with us MIDI
Bass-T - P.O.W.E.R MIDI
Basshunter - Boten Anna MIDI MP3 Remix
Basshunter - Feel the power MIDI MP3 Remix
Basshunter - Im so in love with you MIDI MP3 Remix
Basshunter - Jingle Bells MIDI
-> MIDIALBUM <- Basshunter - LOL (Complete album + 8 bonus tracks) DOWNLOAD ALBUM (open with winrar)
Basshunter - Russia Privjet MIDI
Basshunter - Strand Tylostrand MIDI MP3 Remix
Basshunter - Tand ett ljus (christmas song) MIDI
Basshunter - The Final Dance MIDI MP3 Remix 1 MP3 Remix 2
Basshunter - Vi sitter i ventrilo och spelar dota MIDI MP3 Remix
Basshunter - Welcome to Rainbow MIDI MIDI2 (intro with arp) MP3 Remix (longer Harcharger remix)
Basslovers United - I cant dance MIDI
Basslovers United - Insanity MIDI MP3 REMIX
Bazzpitchers - On the top (Manox Remix) MIDI
Brisk and Ham - Angel eyes MIDI
Brooklyn Bounce - Club bizarre (Dj Scot Project Remix) MIDI
Brooklyn Bounce - Crazy (Megara vs Dj Lee Remix) MIDI
Brooklyn Bounce - Crazy (Special D Remix) MIDI
Bulldozer - Bboy mc MIDI

Camelot - Ginevra MIDI
Candee jay - If i where you MIDI
Carly Comando - Every day MIDI
Cascada - A Neverending Dream (Deepforces Remix) MIDI
Cascada - Everytime we touch (Rocco vs Bass-T Remix) MIDI
Cascada - How do you do (Verano Remix) MIDI
Cascada - Love again MIDI
Cascada - Love again (Rob Mayth Remix) MIDI
Cascada - One more night MIDI
Cascada - One more night (Dj Roxx vs Mike Wind Remix) MIDI
Cascada - Ready for love MIDI
Cascada - Ready for love (Klubbingman Remix) MIDI
Cave and Prey - Energy (Megara vs Dj Lee Remix) MIDI
Chemistry - Heartbeat MIDI
Chemistry - Prophecy MIDI
Clubnature - Rock it MIDI
Clubnature - Time 4 Dance (Banana Inc Remix) MIDI
Clubnature - We call it love 2005 MIDI
Clubmaster - Electronic Love MIDI
Clubmaster - Luney tune 2006 MIDI
Clubringer - Go West MIDI
Clubringer - Sound of my dream (unknown remix) MIDI
Commercial Club Crew - Diggers Song (Mysterio vs Steve Twain Remix) MIDI
Cosmic Gate - Exploration of space MIDI
Colours feat Domino - Holding me and kissing me (Friday Night Posse Remix) MIDI MP3 Remix
Crazy Rockerz - Dance with my pants MIDI
Crazy Rockerz - Dance with my pants (Dan Winter Remix) MIDI
Cream - Why (Rocketeers vs Lagoon Remix) MIDI

D-Project - Fly away (Fly One Remix) MIDI
Da Pumperz - Pu-po-na-ne (Cascada remix) MIDI
Da Sylver and Deefour - The last unicorn 2005 (Deepforces Remix) MIDI
Dancecore Maniax - Your my heart your my soul 2006 MIDI
Dancefire - Star (TBM DJ Radio Edit) MIDI
Dancetech vs Tune Up - Ride on time MIDI MP3 Remix
Danijay - Encanto MIDI
Danijay - Say me MIDI
Danijay - Turn around (Sander remix) MIDI
Danijay - Revolution (Danijay Love Force Remix) MIDI
Danijay vs Iacono - Experience MIDI
Dave McCullen - Rave heaven MIDI
Deepforces - Harder MIDI
Deepforces - Harder (Tune up! Remix) MIDI
Deepforces - Last wish MIDI
Deepforces - Paranoid MIDI
Deepforces - Play it loud MIDI
Deepforces - Shell shokk MIDI
Deep Spirit - No cover song MIDI
Deep Spirit - The one that I want (Central seven vs Ozi Remix) MIDI
Deep Spirit - Youre makin me high (Ozi Remix) MIDI
Deep Spirit - Youre makin me high (Tom vs Dj Tlx Remix) MIDI MP3 Remix
DHT - Listen to your heart (Rob Mayth Remix) MIDI MP3 Remix
Discocrew - Birdieland MIDI
Discotronic - Tricky disco (Veranos Remix) MIDI
Dj Carpi - La figlia della natura (Dj Mauro vay gf remix) MIDI
Dj Carpi - The garden MIDI
Dj Carpi - The power of pleasure MIDI
Dj Dean - Ballanation 2004 MIDI
Dj Dean - If I could be you MIDI
Dj Dean - Kick Da Bass (Ampire Remix) MIDI
Dj Dean - Kick Off MIDI
Dj Hixxy - I see the light MIDI
Dj Destructo - Mosquito MIDI
Dj Dream - Hoppesangen MIDI
Dj Lee - I know MIDI
Dj Lhasa - Super tanz (Veranos Punchy Remix) MIDI
Dj Lhasa - Super tanz (Mabra extended) MIDI
Dj Nordkurve - Wahnsinn MIDI
Dj Manian - Turn the tide (Tekhouse Original Edit) MIDI MP3 Remix
Dj Manian - Turn the tide (Trancebass by Hardcharger) MIDI
Dj Manian vs Tune up - Rhythm and Drums MIDI
Dj Micro - Ireland_in_my_heart MIDI
Dj Micro feat Kate Leasing - Running Around MIDI
Dj Mns vs E-Maxx - Pump my bass MIDI
Dj Scaty - Regi alom (Bones & N-dee Remix) MIDI
DJ Sledge Hammer - Sunshine (Rob Mayth Remix) MIDI1 (short version) MIDI2 (long version with pads and bellmelody) MP3 Remix
Dj's @ Work - Fly with me (To the stars) MIDI
Dj's @ Work - Someday MIDI
Dj The Bass - I had a dream (TBM DJ Remix) MIDI
Dj Toxic - Secret melody MIDI
Dj Quicksilver - Techno macht spass (Tad edit) MIDI
D-jmc feat Beat Monique - You may think (Ic3m4n Remix) MIDI
Dreamland- Summerland MIDI
Drop Kickz - Clap it MIDI

E-fect - The anthem MIDI
Eastclubbers - Its a dream (Clubhouse Edit) MIDI
Eastclubbers - Silence MIDI
Eastclubbers - Sometimes MIDI
Eastclubbers - Walk Alone MIDI MP3 Remix
Eastclubbers - Wonderful Dancing MIDI
Edu Happy & Raul Factory presents - Kanon remix MIDI
Emi and M2O - Canzoni Dell Estate MIDI

Fakkah - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause MIDI
Floorfilla - Cyberdreamer MIDI
Floorfilla - Komputermelody MIDI
Floorfilla - Sister golden hair (Rob Mayth Remix) MIDI
Flyers - Crazy Star MIDI
Forseco - Insane MIDI
Franky B - Lifes for living MIDI
Fred Baker vs Nyram - Confirmation MIDI
Fuckafix - Big city life (Dancemania Allstars Remix) MIDI
Future Trance United - Face to Face MIDI

Gigi D'Agostino - L'Amour Toujours (Dan-J Remix) MIDI
Greg City - Make some noise MIDI
Groove Coverage - 21st Century Digital Girl (Teenagerz Remix) MIDI MP3 Remix
Groove Coverage - Moonlight Shadow (Stian K Remix) MIDI
Groove Coverage - On the radio MIDI
Groove Coverage - Runaway MIDI

H2O - Chiptune MIDI
Haddaway - What is love reloaded (Groove Factory Remix) MIDI
Hixxy - More And More (DJ Trick Remix) MIDI
Hixxy vs Styles - Odimok MIDI
Holyman - The last universe MIDI

Ic3m4n feat Andy Lopez - Passion MIDI
Icarus - Funky Crazy (Tune up! Remix) MIDI
Italiobrothers - The moon MIDI

Jaron inc - Nothing to lose (Airbase Remix) MIDI
Jens O - Man on the mic MIDI
JK - You and I MIDI
Jordi Carreras - Tell my why MIDI

Kate Lesing - Neverland (B-Wirez Remix) MIDI
Kate Lesing - Rivers of Avalon MIDI
Kelly Clarkson - Behind these hazel eyes (Hardbounce Remix) MIDI
Keira Green - All out of love (Rob Mayth Remix) MIDI
Klubbingman feat Beatrix Delgado - Ride on a white train (DJ Manian Remix) MIDI MP3 Remix
Kobojsarna - Sang om ingenting MIDI
Kobojsarna - Sang om ingenting (Vocals Midi)MIDI

L&M Project - Crazy Beats (Rob Mayth Remix) MIDI MP3 Remix
Lacuna - Celebrate the summer MIDI
Lacuna - Celebrate the summer (Verano Remix) MIDI
Lance Inc - Feelings MIDI
Lance Inc - One more try (Rob Mayth Remix) Full song midi MIDI
Lazard - Living on video (Verano Remix) MIDI
Lunaspace - Where's the party MIDI

Marc Korn - Secret of you (Megara vs Dj Lee Remix) MIDI
M.T.J - Fly with you MIDI
Magic Box - Carillion (Rocco Remix) MIDI
Magic D - Someday (Original Mix) MIDI
Mario Lopez - Always and Forever MIDI
Mario Lopez - Angel Eyes MIDI
Mario Lopez - Angel Eyes (Reflector 1 Remix) MIDI MP3 Remix
Mario Lopez - Where are you MIDI
Matt Ricks - Home Again MIDI
Mental Madness Allstars - The Anthem (Alex M vs Marc van Damme Remix) MIDI
Mental Madness Allstars - The Anthem (Mainfield Remix) MIDI
Mental Madness Allstars - The Anthem (Rob Mayth Remix) MIDI
Menthal Theo - Revolution MIDI
Mickey Modelle vs Jessy - Dancing in the dark (Dancing Dj's Remix) MIDI
Midelf - Dance (Banana Inc Remix) MIDI
Mikkas - There where times MIDI
Mikkas - World of Mikkas MIDI
Minozza inc - Running from the rain (Manox remix) MIDI
Mysterio - Take me to the stars (Steve Twain Remix) MIDI

Nick Storm - Come Along MIDI
Nordic Stars - Jump jump (Peat jr and Fernando vs Sonny Remix) MIDI
North Core Project - Awakening MIDI
Numa feat Christi - A long way MIDI
Numa feat Christi - Lifetime MIDI

Ole van Dansk - Shining Star (Short cut) MIDI
Ole van Dansk - Shining Star (Single version) MIDI
Onironauti - Il suono della dignita MIDI
Ozi meets Tom Mountain - Dreams MIDI

Paffendorf - La La La Girl MIDI
Pakito - Are U Ready MIDI
Pakito - Blue Moon City MIDI
Pakito - Moving on stereo MIDI
Pakito - You wanna rock MIDI
Pandora - Dont you know MIDI
Parla & Pardoux - Liberte MIDI
Penta P - Im Raving 2005 MIDI
PG feat Jane - Wipe away my tears (Sam G Remix) MIDI
Philtronic - Groove cut MIDI
Pinball - Time MIDI
Pimp Code! - *** fresh MIDI
Pimp Code! - R U Ready MIDI
Pimp Code! - We are the best (Rob Mayth Remix) MIDI
Point Guards - Never fall in love (Pulsedriver Remix) MIDI MP3 Remix
Promiseland - I belong to you MIDI
Provenzano Dj feat Lizzy B - Sound is back (Promiseland Remix) MIDI
Pumperz - Rhytm take control (Cascada Remix) MIDI
Puppet Generation - Summerday (Italian Rockaz Remix) MIDI


Raaban Inc - Pump it rock it MIDI
Raaban Inc - The third dimension MIDI
Ramon Zerano - Kill 4 love (Rave Allstars Remix) MIDI
Rave Allstars - Baem MIDI
Rave Allstars - Hardcore Vibez MIDI
Ravers on dope - Trip 2 wonderland MIDI
Red Dj - Dance is my love (Dograts Remix) MIDI
Renegade Master - Nasty Girl MIDI
Rob Mayth feat Bar10ders - Goodbye MIDI
Rocco - I dont know (Tune Up Remix) MIDI
Rocco - Street Knowledge MIDI

Scarf - Club inferno MIDI
Scarf - Hithouse 1 (Tuneup! Remix) MIDI
Scarf - The Odysee MIDI
Sergeant Pepper - Charge MIDI
Shaun Baker - Push (Dan Winter vs Enatic Remix) MIDI
Silver Fang soundtrack - Nagareboshi Gin MIDI
Special D - Home alone MIDI
Springbreak - Big Bad Love (Cascada remix) MIDI
Starsplash - Free (as a bird) MIDI
Starsplash (Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo) - Wonderful Days MIDI
Start Noise - Little Girl (Sander Remix) MIDI Bellmelody is improvised
Steve Twain - Work this *** (Banditozz and Twain Remix) MIDI
Stian K - Its not gone yet MIDI
Stian K - Let the bass be loud (Banana Inc Remix) MIDI
Sum 41 - Pieces MIDI
Sven-R-G vs Bass-T - On a party trip (Rob Mayth Remix) MIDI

Tivoli Beatz - Nowhere near MIDI
The Boyscouts - Ubap (Dan Winter Remix) MIDI
The Hitmen - Like I love you MIDI MP3 Remix
The Real Booty Babes - Since you been gone MIDI
Them Banshis - Day by day MIDI
Trance 90s Project - Taste of summer (Dj Dean Remix) MIDI
Trancequality - Infinity MIDI
Tunebazz inc - Party with you MIDI
Tune up! - Bounce MIDI
Tune up! - Have you ever been mellow MIDI

Unknown - Deep blue MIDI
Unknown - Mod melody (melody created on an Amiga emulator) MIDI
Unknown - stones - uo MIDI
U.S. Test - 20 years later (The Real Booty Babes Remix) MIDI

Vengaboys - 48 hours MIDI
Virus Inc - Are you ready MIDI
Virus Inc - The virus MIDI
Vocana - Every part of you (Commercial Club Crew Remix) MIDI


Xposex - The seventh planet MIDI
Xposex - The seventh planet (Full Song Midi) MIDI
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Postby Tom_Beijer on Mon Feb 05, 2007 6:34 am

well, do it:D. its a great list !!
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Postby Harder on Mon Feb 05, 2007 10:30 am

tell me whats you need , i upload for you any... :D
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Postby .:KAoS DeeJay:. on Mon Feb 05, 2007 10:59 am

Hi! i'm Italian deejay..

I need 3 midi files

DHT-listen to your heart
4Clubbers- Children (2002 remix)
P_Dj feat. LizzyB- The Sound is back

I see in your list...

Thank you very much! :D

PS:Sorry about my english is not very well... :cry:
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.:KAoS DeeJay:.

Postby Harder on Mon Feb 05, 2007 11:35 am

3 midi's for .:KAoS DeeJay:.
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Postby .:KAoS DeeJay:. on Mon Feb 05, 2007 11:45 am

Thanks!! :wink:
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.:KAoS DeeJay:.


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