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W&W, Nicky RomeroUps & Downs MIDIBig Room

W&W, Nicky Romero - Ups & Downs MIDI
W&W, Nicky Romero - Ups & Downs Please login to listen to this MIDI preview
W&W, Nicky Romero
Track Title
Ups & Downs
Protocol Recordings
Release year
Big Room
MIDI made by
G Major
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About this MIDI

It contains:

And I've recreated the 1st breakdown and the 1st drop. I'm sorry for choosing the wrong presets but I swear it's good once you have the MIDI in your DAW.

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This W&W, Nicky Romero - Ups & Downs MIDI is a Partial sequence for educational and remix purposes. Is this not the MIDI you are after? Check the MIDI archive!
Published on: 2019-12-01
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