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What Have We Here, Armin vs. Arty!?!?!!?

by PeabodyknightA123 on Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:47 pm

Check it out, a new track by Armin and Arty!!!! What do you guys think? In my opinion, this is definitely a step in the Progressive Trance direction and it sounds awesome! Armin's favorite kick drum is in there (he really needs to find a new one lol, he's using it too much lately), and I hear some elements from his old stuff. Of course, Arty's dealt with the pads and vocal chops like he is a genius at doing.


Anyway, thoughts? Comments? Complaints (looking for friendly discourse and debate here, not fighting)?

I'm predicting a very different Armin (production-wise) when he starts previewing his album at ASOT600, and puts up previews of all his album tracks. Definitely feels like he's slowly returning to his old style.
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Re: What Have We Here, Armin vs. Arty!?!?!!?

by Sam Cera on Thu Jan 31, 2013 3:48 am

I must admit I hardly listen to new trance anymore (only the old stuff, but I lost most of that when my HD died :cry: ) This is a track though, I like the sound and the dreamy atmosphere!
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Re: What Have We Here, Armin vs. Arty!?!?!!?

by iNawb on Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:38 pm

In my honest opinion, AvB is probably turning out to not be my favorite trance producer anymore. His sound has changed a lot. Probably those glitched vocals were by him, as i don't recon the young Russian talent arty doing such things, then again, what do I know, trance in general isn't my slice of cake anymore anyway.

Piano, however, is probably by arty. The chords sound so arty-ish in general.

However, this track does stand out a lot from the general main room trance we hear nowadays. Something new is always nice. The build up really takes you towards the release very well. And the release is beautiful. Definitely arty's hand writing there. Sort of a signature sound of his.

In general, i have a feeling this will be mostly a radio track. Probably isn't that big anthem that you play in every festival, over and over again, three times in one set, make people go crazy and sing / hum along.

All in all, beautiful track, 3,5 stars out of 5 from me. It just lacks something that i'd like. Someone might disagree and give it 5/5 if it's their slice of cake. But definitely not mine.
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