This site was built and maintained by musicians and hobbyists as a producers resource. All MIDI and AUDIO files are for personal purposes only. Our MIDI files have been created and donated by our visitors and users and are meant for educational purposes; e.g. showing how certain melodies are made.

By downloading or uploading MIDI and AUDIO files from Nonstop2k you agree that all files are for personal use only and disclose that all files are free from copyright. The use of these files is at your own risk. Nonstop2k cannot be held responsible for any damage these files may cause to you, your software, your hardware or anything else.

By sending MIDI files to us, you give us a non-exclusive right to distribute these MIDI files. We unpack zipped packages and put the MIDI as .mid on our servers. If your MIDI file is a recreation of an existing tune, the MIDI becomes public domain after submitting. Therefore we do not remove any MIDI files you have made from the website, unless you are the copyright holder. This means that you cannot request to remove a MIDI you have made if it is not your own track. If you have sent a MIDI of one of your own tracks you can always have this MIDI removed from the server by request. By submitting/uploading/posting a MIDI file you automatically agree to these terms.

Using these files to produce any commercial product including audio backing tapes, laser disks, karaoke tapes or disks or printed music is strictly prohibited by law.

Our terms and conditions are subject to change and wish to comply by law. You will be notified via our website of any changes.
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