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Credits The new way to download premium MIDI files

We are very excited to introduce a new way to purchase premium MIDI files! Next to premium memberships you can now purchase credits to download premium MIDI’s.

Why credits?

For years our premium MIDI files were only available to members with a premium membership. With a premium membership you are able to download up to 50 premium MIDI files per month. But what if you only need one MIDI? Or what if you want to save on downloads, but only need 3 or 4 MIDI’s a month? Credits will be the solution for you!

With credits you can download any premium MIDI file on Nonstop2k. You can also use them next to your premium membership and can even use credits to download when you have used up all the downloads that come with your premium membership.

Purchasing credits

To download with credits you will first need to add credits to your account. This is as simple as choosing your desired amount of credits on the plans & pricing page, then clicking the buy button, entering your details in the checkout and completing the payment. Once your payment is confirmed your credits will automatically be added to your account and you are ready to download!

Downloading with credits

Each premium MIDI has a value in credits between 1 and 5. MIDI's that are partial and don't cover the whole song cost 1 or 2 credits. Full MIDI files without drums cost 1 to 3 credits. And if drums are included as well full MIDI files may cost up to 5 credits.

When you download a MIDI with credits the credits value of this particular premium MIDI will be deducted from your balance and the MIDI will be added to your downloads overview. Here you can see all your premium MIDI downloads. Each MIDI that you downloaded with credits can be downloaded for a total of 5 times. That way you can always come back to your account and download it again in case you accidentally delete the MIDI from your device!

Your premium MIDI download history Messages on the download page that indicate you have already downloaded this MIDI

Your balances

In the header of our website you will always see your credits balance. As a premium member you will also see the monthly premium balance. For more details on your credits or monthly premium downloads your account is the place to go. The images below will tell you a bit more what to find where.

Balances in the header Detailed balances overview

Differences between credits and premium memberships

What’s right for you depends on your needs. If you have small or difficult to predict needs, credits are the way to go. You can buy just enough to cover your needs or you can stack them up to save in the future! But if you know you will need several MIDI files each month or if you need a whole bunch of MIDI files right now, premium is the way to go for you. For a complete comparison check out the plans & pricing page.

Would you like to know more?

We hope you like the new addition to our website! If you have any questions about credits or premium memberships don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to answer your questions!

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