Credits and premium memberships

We offer two ways to download premium MIDI files. Before you make a choice it is good to know that Premium MIDI's are valued at 1 to 5 credits. With a premium membership any premium MIDI counts as one download. Click here to see a full comparison between credits and premium memberships or immediately choose your plan below!

1 month


Download any premium MIDI on demand,
store credits to save in the future

Buy 50 credits
3 months

Premium Memberships

Up to 60 premium downloads each month,
time limited but best value see details

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What to choose

Credits or a premium membership?

To help you make your choice which one is right for you, it is good to know our premium MIDI files are valued at 1 to 5 credits. MIDI's that are partial and don't cover the whole song cost 1 or 2 credits. Full MIDI files without drums cost 1 to 3 credits. If drums are included too full MIDI files may cost up to 5 credits. With a premium membership a download is a download, regardless of the value in credits. With that in mind:

Why Credits?

If you have small or difficult to predict needs, credits are the way to go. You can buy just enough to cover your needs or you can stack them up to save in the future!

Why Premium?

Choose a premium membership if you know you will be using several MIDI files each month or if you need a whole bunch of MIDI files right now.

Let's compare them


You can download any premium MIDI file with credits. The credits value of a MIDI will be deducted from your balance when you download

Each MIDI purchased with credits can be downloaded a total of 5 times

Your credits won't expire as long as you login to your account once a year

You are not tied to a subscription. You choose your desired amount of credits and can always add more!

Premium memberships

You have 50 premium downloads per month. The credit value doesn't matter for the download

Downloading a MIDI again doesn't cost any downloads as long as it is within the same premium month and you have not reached your monthly limit

Your premium downloads won't rollover to the next premium month

You have increased regular/free MIDI daily download limits (25, 35 or 50 per day depending on plan)

You are not tied to a subscription. You choose the duration of your membership at the start. You can extend anytime!

More about premium memberships

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Why us?

Why Nonstop2k?

High Quality MIDI files

Our 'premium standard' ensures all our premium MIDI files are spot on and of the highest quality.

All Dance Genres

Whether you are into trance, trap, house or hardstyle, we've got all dance genres covered.

Personal Support

We don't do automatic or generic responses. John will support you personally!

Exclusive Releases

Our dedicated MIDI maker team brings you unique and exclusive releases.

In the Game Since 2005!

We are serving you the best dance music MIDI files for over 15 years now.

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