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We are Nonstop2k

Bringing you dance music MIDI files since 2005

Who are we?

About us

Nonstop2k is a website by dance music producers for dance music producers. Our focus is on exchanging user generated MIDI files (which are our regular/free MIDI filesRegular/free MIDI files are shared by the community and are available to all. You can download these MIDI files as guest, regular and premium member.) and delivering high quality premium MIDI filesPremium MIDI files are crafted by our MIDI maker team, Nonstop2k exclusive and only available to premium members or with credits. In total we have got over 13.000 MIDI files in many different dance genres, such as house, progressive, bigroom, trance, future house, trap, hardstyle and electro. Whether it is for your next remix project, to learn about those awesome chords, or if you need feed for your synths to experiment with in the studio, we have got you covered.
Why do we exist?

Our Mission

The aim of our platform is to help producers and remixers all of the world to increase their creativity, productivity, inspiration and fun in the studio. We believe our MIDI files help to expand horizons and give insights in how different electronic dance songs are created, as well as help remixers save time figuring out chords and notes!
Do the math

A few numbers

Free MIDI files

Everyone can upload their MIDI files to Nonstop2k and share them with the world *. There are over 11.000 regular/free MIDI files hosted on Nonstop2k.

Premium MIDI fies

High quality MIDI files, carefully crafted by our MIDI maker team. There are over 2.000 premium files in our library!

A growing community

More than 80.000 people have an account on Nonstop2k and we're still growing every day.

Our biggest number

Over 33.000.000 pageviews since we started counting them in 2008.

In the Game Since 2005!

We are serving you the best dance music MIDI files for over 15 years now.

Our History

The history of Nonstop2k

  • 2000
    Nonstop 2000 was founded by Ralph. This was one of the first and most active dance MIDI/community websites on the internet. The site went to earn many net awards from the likes of Angelfire, About dot com and others.
  • 2002
    John started a MIDI thread at the well-known tranceaddict.com forums. This thread quickly become one of the most popular threads in the music production section. After a while however, most links to MIDI files where dead. This same year trance-midi.tk came to be. Starting with a mere 80 MIDI files the site grew rapidly to a place with over 800 MIDI files at the end of its first year!
  • 2005
    Ralph and John decided to join forces and the same month a renewed Nonstop2k website saw the light. We introduced the forum and also went from manually updating HTML files to a PHP and database-driven website.
  • 2006
    In July 2006 we had over 2000 visits on a single day for the very first time. This year November 30, was one of the most remarkable days in Nonstop history. We got a .com address: nonstop2k.com. After nearly 7 years there finally was a true home for Nonstop2k! From this moment on Nonstop2k has established its name as MIDI website and Producer's Resource.
  • 2008
    We celebrated our 10.000th registered user!
  • 2010
    We went social and started our facebook page in January. At the end of this year we also published our first interview, with no less then Myon & Shane54.
  • 2011
    We'd been doing remix contests for a while now. This time though we did one together with Bonzai Records: the Green Martian/Airwave Remix Contest.
  • 2014
    EDM Melodies, very first Nonstop2k royalty free MIDI pack was released.
  • 2017
    The current version of the site was released: mobile friendly and lots of white instead of gray. Since it has seen quite a few minor updates and improvements.
  • 2019
    We introduced credits to download premium MIDI files.
  • 2020
    Big design and premium products update. The site you see now was released!

A word of thanks

Since we were founded in 2005 we feel honored to have interviewed artists such as Bassjackers, W&W, Rank 1 and Tritonal. We are happy to work with people from great sound design companies such as Vandalism and Alonso Sound and we are proud to still be delivering you dance music MIDI files to this day.

All of this wouldn't be possible without our most precious assets: you and all the producers who decided to help their fellow producers and upload their MIDI files. The ones who shared their tips and tricks and the ones who give feedback on each other’s music. Or the ones who just encouraged one another to finish that track. You all helped to shape this place to become what it is today. We salute you!

Where are we from?

Business details

Nonstop2k is a registered trade name at the chamber of commerce in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Our registration number is: NL 66998344.

Oude Binnenweg 63a
3012JA Rotterdam
The Netherlands

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