Nonstop2k – the producer’s resource is website by producers for producers. Its most important feature is the exchange of user generated content and information. It is a place where producers gather and share their MIDI files, sound patches and knowledge, the latter includes written tutorials, video tutorials, articles and the forum. The forum is also the place to meet, discuss, share thoughts and most importantly to have fun.

Our mission is to become the largest and friendliest place on the internet for electronic dance music production. Our focal points are MIDI files, patches, user generated knowledge and remix contests.
Target group

Nonstop2k's target groups consists of electronic dance music producers, this group consists of mostly males between the age of 15-30. Even though our focus is on dance music in general, the most popular electronic genres of our users are trance, hardtrance, hard- and jumpstyle, happy hardcore, progressive and electro.
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